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Adjusting To Your New Dentures

Did you know that adjusting to new dentures in Victoria, BC may take several days, weeks, or in rare cases, months? The adjustment time varies from person to person depending on the changes that were made to your new denture to correct for bone loss and/or denture wear. If you have worn a denture for 10 or more years, your oral anatomy has changed significantly in that time period and, as a result, it is going to take you some time to adjust to a new denture. If you take a picture of yourself from 10 years ago and look in the mirror today – you are going to see some pretty significant changes. Those changes will be apparent inside your mouth too – you just may not be able to see them. Similarly, if you are adjusting to dentures for the very first time, dentures are going to feel significantly different from your natural teeth. Either way, your new denture may feel and function quite a bit different than your old one and, as a result, challenges with speech, nausea, excessive saliva, and eating are common. Don’t worry though, these are just very temporary challenges that will decrease with time and some practice.

Lisping and whistling are two common and temporary speech difficulties. Reading aloud and repeating challenging words can help shorten the adjustment time.

You may also find that your mouth is producing excessive saliva and, this in turn, may cause you to feel nauseous. Having small sugarless candies handy can help in encouraging you to swallow more often which will also help reduce the flow of saliva. If you find yourself gagging with your new denture(s), try to keep the denture in your mouth as this reflex will lessen with time. Sipping on water may also help reduce gagging.

For many people, having new dentures usually results in having to learn how to eat all over again. Since the position, size and shape of your new teeth are probably at least slightly different than your previous denture or natural teeth, chances are it will take some time before eating feels natural again. It is usually advisable to start by eating soft foods, cutting food into smaller portions and to stay away from bulky, sticky or hard foods at first. Making an effort to chew on both the right and left sides of the back teeth at the same time will also help to balance the denture. It’s also helpful to remember that your front teeth should only be used for biting things off and NOT for chewing!

While time and practice do usually solve most of the above challenges, adjustments are also a normal and expected part of any treatment plan for new dentures. As a result, the Westshore Denture Clinic does not charge for adjustments for 6 months after you receive your new dentures.