Word of mouth referrals is easily one of the best and most significant ways to generate new
business. Even in this day of advertising, websites, and social media, nothing carries more
weight with potential new customers than hearing about positive first-hand experiences.

At the Westshore Denture Clinic, we really value those patients that let their friends, co-workers,
and family members know about their denture experience with us. As a result, we created our
Referral Reward Program and began including a Referral Reward Card in the gift bag that is
provided with each new denture. All you need to do is to give this card (your name should be
written on the back) to a potential new patient and when they begin treatment for a new denture,
we will happily send you a $50 Visa gift card. It’s that easy!

And if you don’t have a card, just give Kim a call at 250-478-2114 and let her know who you
referred. Either way, we will be happy to send you a $50 Visa Card to show our appreciation
and to say “Thank you!” for referring our business to your friends, co-workers, and family!