With over 35 years of experience as a denturist and ‘smile stylist’, Cole Merkley knows that cost can play an important role in your decision to purchase dentures. That same experience has also shown that so-called “cheap dentures” don’t often provide the results in fit and function that denture patients are looking for.

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for the cheapest dentures on the market. The main reason is that in order to make less expensive dentures, short cuts need to be taken in a variety of areas such as: fewer procedures from the Denturist that help assure the best fit and maximum chewing efficiency, cheaper materials that won’t deliver the best aesthetics or functionality, and/or the use of older technologies used to process dentures that can create more distortion on the fit surface of the denture and subsequently, less of a perfect fit for you.

The Westshore Denture Clinic prefers to create dentures that are a good value and offer the best fit and function possible. Cole insists on all of the procedures necessary to assure the best fit, premium materials, one of the most technologically advanced processing systems available and artistic craftsmanship. All of these factors work together to deliver a denture that will provide superior fit, comfort and functionality than any “cheap denture” ever could. In addition, you will receive a denture that is crafted with your particular smile in mind and that will require fewer adjustments.

It should also be mentioned that the Westshore Denture Clinic offers patient-centred care in an environment that is welcoming and professional. Cole also puts a very high value on ensuring that each patient is fully informed and understands exactly what options are available to them and why, as well as what they can expect during each procedure. All and any questions are encouraged and answered and the patient is encouraged to have as many consults (free of charge) as is necessary to make the best informed decision they can make for themselves.

Whether it’s the time Cole takes with each patient to ensure their comfort and answer their questions, the high quality of materials and technologies used or the artistic craftsmanship that is evident in each natural looking smile, The Westshore Denture Clinic is a good value for dentures in Victoria, BC.

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