Why does using a denturist with so much experience benefit a patient?

Choosing an experienced Denturist often means that they are familiar with the many challenges facing denture patients. Since everyone’s oral anatomy and oral environment is unique, fabricating dentures that take into affect the multitude of variables that can affect the function and the fit of the denture is a complex skill set that definitely improves with experience and exposure to many different denture challenges. Continuing education in the field over a number of years also provides many benefits that are passed on to patients.

What types of materials and brands does Cole use?

At the Westshore Denture Clinic, we use the best materials and technologies available to Denturists today. We use Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth because they are made from a highly durable acrylic resin Nano hybrid composite that does not stain, distort taste, or collect odors or irritating bacteria. These teeth also provide a more comfortable fit with no denture adhesive needed. We also use SR Ivocap® processing which is one of the most advanced processing available and ensures the least amount of distortion possible during the fabrication process.

Can you make my denture in 1 visit?

In order to make a denture that is esthetically pleasing, fits comfortably and has effective chewing function, there are a number of important procedures that must be completed and then rechecked and this typically occurs over 4-6 appointments. Models and try-ins are also provided in order to ensure proper fit, function and appearance throughout various stages of the process. For people with scheduling difficulties or those who require their denture sooner, block appointments are often possible.

Is making dentures an art or a science?

Making dentures is both an art and a science. Denturists are thoroughly educated in the theoretical and practical aspects of both intra-oral and laboratory procedures or the ‘science’ involved in designing removable oral prostheses.Along with diagnostic and treatment expertise, Denturists must also perform a complete visual/digital oral examination and evaluation of the patient. The ‘art’ of making dentures involves the practitioner’s ability to design a denture that is both functionally effective as well as esthetically pleasing. Aesthetic restoration or the ability to make dentures look as natural as possible is a skill that varies among practitioners since it requires artistic ability, and often, advanced training.

What is a denturist?

Denturists/Denturologistesspecialize in the field of removable oral prostheses. Student Denturists study for a minimum of three years, focusing on the clinical and laboratory skills necessary to design and fabricate custom made, removable oral prostheses. Denturists are thoroughly educated in the theoretical and practical aspects of both intra-oral and laboratory procedures. Along with the diagnostic and treatment expertise, Denturists must also employ creative manual skills.

Is a Denturist a Dentist?

No a Denturist is not a Dentist. A license to practice Denturism in Canada is typically obtained after completing an Associates Degree in Science and 3 years of study at one of six Colleges of Denturism in Canada.

Is Cole available at any other locations?

Yes! Cole’s main practice is located at #114 582 Goldstream Avenue (St. Anthony’s Professional Building) in Langford, BC and he has two satellite offices located at Academy Dental in Sooke (6689 Sooke Road, Sooke, BC) and Academy Dental in Eagle Creek (Opening in July 2016 at 130-31 Helmcken Rd., Victoria, BC). You can book an appointment with Cole for any of those 3 locations by calling 250-474-2114.

Is Cole a Dentist?

Cole is a registered Denturist licensed to practice in British Columbia.

There are so many kinds of dentures to choose from, how do I make the best decision?

The best way to make a decision is to meet with a qualified Vancouver Island Denturist. The Denturist should be able to explain the options available to you, the cost, the materials, procedures and fabricating methods used whether their work is done onsite or sent to an outside lab and and provide you with a individual treatment plan. Since consults are usually provided at no charge it is always a good idea to meet with a few Denturists to determine which one is the right “fit” for you.

Why can there be such differences in prices from one Denturist to another?

All dentures are not created equal. In addition to the experience, skill set, and training of the Denturist there can also be significant differences in the quality of teeth and materials used, the procedures utilized to ensure fit and function (and to check and double check), and the fabricating technology employed. All of these factors contribute to the variability in prices. At the Westshore Denture Clinic we don’t try to be the cheapest denture clinic on the block- that is not our goal. Instead, we offer our patients the most natural looking, best fitting denture that delivers maximum chewing efficiency.


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My experience with Westshore Denture Clinic was beyond my expectations! Very nice people and an excellent product! Thank you for making this such a positive experience for me!

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Cole has given me back my smile. He is the consummate professional - empathetic, precise and skilled. My dentures are perfect and feel and look totally natural. He has always told me exactly what to expect at each stage of our dealings. I have every confidence in his abilities. It was always a pleasure to hear Kim's cheery voice on the phone to remind me of an appointment. A great combination of talents.

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Such a great experience! From beginning to end, Cole and Kim made sure that I was completely satisfied with my new dentures and my great new smile. I couldn’t' t be more pleased with their friendliness and attention to detail.