Vancouver Island Denturist

Vancouver Island Denturist

Westshore Denture Clinic on Vancouver Island, BC

When looking for a Vancouver Island denturist services, consider Cole Merkley as your denturist. His denture clinic has earned the trust of locals for a long time and will be happy to offer you a free initial consultation to determine your needs, and talk to you about your denture options including cost, function and aesthetics. 


High Quality Denture Materials Only


Westshore Denture Clinic uses the modern materials and technology to make high quality, precision dentures that provide their clients with the perfect fit while requiring fewer adjustments. Using the revolutionary injection technology called SR Ivocap, considered to be the state of the art denture processing technology, they can assure you a great fitting and functioning denture at a reasonable price. Many clients consider Westshore to be an affordable denturist near Duncan, BC.


Ivoclar Vivadent Denture Teeth: The Best Dentures


The accuracy of this denture crafting process will provide you with the best possible fit while providing great function while you are eating, speaking or laughing. These are very natural and life-like dentures that recreate the character of your smile and provide an extremely comfortable fit for you. The SR Ivocap offers a host of benefits over other dentures, including:


- Exceptional comfort due to reduced irritation to the gums

- Greater strength by using extremely dense material that reduces the chance of breakage

- Better hygiene from a non-porous surface that greatly lessens odor-causing plaque and bacteria.

- Great fit that is non-irritating and comfortable to wear with no denture adhesive needed!

- Healthier because you can eat any food

- More aesthetically pleasing and so natural looking that you can smile, speak and laugh with confidence

- Bio-compatible so that they will not stain, distort taste or collect bad odors or irritating bacteria

- Competitive prices means Westshore if one of the most affordable denturists in Nanaimo, BC.


Denture Services Considerations


When considering a full set of dentures, keep in mind that they will require five to six weeks from start to finish. Typically, clients will come in once per week for appointments, although in special circumstances when clients require their dentures sooner, they can come in for longer appointments. 


Westshore Denture Clinic offers immediate dentures which are placed immediately on your gums after your teeth have been extracted. The denture is made by taking an impression of your mouth before your teeth are extracted and is used as a reference for the aesthetic positioning of the teeth on the denture. The main benefit of an immediate denture is that you will not have to be seen in public without a great smile. There are several options available to you that your denturist will discuss at your initial consultation.


Why not book a free visit at Westshore Denture Clinic? There’s no referral necessary and the Westshore team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your dentures.


It’s not easy to find an affordable denturist on Vancouver Island, BC, especially one who offers the latest in technology and a high quality product. We know you’ll be very happy with your dentures from Westshore Clinic. For more information, or to book an appointment, call 250-478-2114.

Vancouver Island Denturist
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Vancouver Island Denturist Vancouver Island Denturist Vancouver Island Denturist Vancouver Island Denturist

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