Denture Repair Victoria

Denture Repair Victoria
Do you have a denture that is only a couple of years old but is already showing signs of not fitting well? How can a denture go from fitting well to being loose in just a couple of years? Well, it all has to do with the changes that happen in the mouth after teeth are extracted: namely, gum/bone resorption.

Gum/bone resorption refers to the changes that occur in your mouth as a result of having teeth extracted. Once teeth are extracted the jaw bone undergoes often significant changes and this causes shrinkage to the ridges that your dentures sit on. As a result of these anatomical changes, stability in the mouth decreases and space between teeth can increase at the same time as lip and cheek support decreases. The end result of all these changes is that your dentures will become loose and ill-fitting. 

Fortunately, a rebase can mitigate these changes by refitting the denture and rebases are actually recommended every two years to counter the problem of gum/bone resorption. This is accomplished by replacing or adding to the denture's base material without changing the occlusal relationships of the teeth. The procedure involves taking an impression with the denture in the mouth and from there, the old acrylic is removed and a new base is created for your denture. Visit our Denture repair clinic in Victoria.

It is important to note that without rebases, a number of significant issues can result from wearing loose and ill-fitting dentures. Bone trauma, malocclusion, trauma to opposing teeth, and overclosure which can contribute to facial collapse are often seen when an individual has worn loose or ill fitting dentures for any length of time.

At the Westshore Denture in our Victoria Clinic we offer same day rebases. Typically an appointment is booked in the morning for impressions and then your rebased denture is delivered to you at the end of the day.

Denture Repair Victoria
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