Best Denture Dentist

Best Denture Dentist
If you’re considering dentures, you naturally want to find the best denture dentist on Vancouver Island. Locals find it comforting that Westshore Denture Clinic is an affordable place to go when it comes to dentures and their clinic offers state-of-the-art technology with a high quality product.
Westshore Dental Clinic takes a lot of pride in using the best materials and the most advanced technology available today. They do this for the simple reason that it provides their clients with the natural-looking smile and the highest function possible in a denture. Of course, not all dentures today are being fabricated using the best materials due to varying quality and cost. This can also be said of technologies that are out there today. Nothing even comes close to the advanced Ivocap processing technology that Westshore Denture Clinic uses.
What makes Vancouver Island the place where you’ll find the best denture dentist? Highly trained specialists with dedication to the perfect fit and function in every denture makes all the difference. Clients often ask during their initial consultation what it is that makes Ivocap so revolutionary in the process of denture fabrication. They’re often surprised when they learn the answer to this question.
It’s important to understand that the acrylic that is used for the pink tissue portion of a denture will shrink when it is processed, which causes inaccuracies in the fit of the denture. Ivocap compensates for this shrinkage through its patented injection technology which is considered state-of-the-art in denture processing today.. The accuracy of the Ivocap process will provide you with the absolute best fitting denture possible, and perhaps best of all, one that will not require denture adhesives to keep it in place. Clients are always happy to hear about this benefit!
As well, Ivocap offers the following advantages over traditional dentures:
- Reduced irritation to the gums
- Extremely dense material reduces the chances of breakage
- Non-porous surface greatly reduces odor-causing plaque and bacteria
- The ability to eat virtually any food
- Exceptionally natural-looking dentures so you can smile, speak and laugh with confidence
- Dentures will not stain, distort taste or collect odors or irritating bacteria
Westshore Denture Clinic believes that the best denture dentist in Victoria should offer the best technology available. These advantages add up to a premium precision quality denture that offers the most comfortable fit and high function in day to day life.
Westshore Denture Clinic is always open to walk-ins and never requires a referral when you come in. They provide their clients with same day or one-day repair, adjustment, reline, rebase and additions. 
If you’d like to set up a free initial consultation on your quest for the best denture dentist on Vancouver Island, call Westshore at 250-478-2114. We think you’re going to love having access to the very best dentures available today. Patients free that the Ivocap denture system offers the best product out there at the most affordable price. Why not come in for an appointment and see what Ivocap can do for you?
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Best Denture Dentist Best Denture Dentist Best Denture Dentist Best Denture Dentist

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