Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth offer the most life-like options available and are crafted using advanced material science to ensure an enhanced appearance and dependable wear for years to come. Brought to you by a company with over a century of expertise as denture technologists, Ivoclar Vivadent removable denture teeth give you great-looking options and personalized choices that fit your lifestyle. Depending on your needs, your dental team will select the type of tooth line that meets your fit, form and functional requirements.

Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth are crafted from either highly-durable acrylic resin or an ultra-premium Nano hybrid composite that resists wear, chipping, cracking and staining, so your precision dentures will look great and function beautifully for years.

Advanced layering techniques make Ivoclar Vivadent teeth look amazingly life-like, replicating the depth and beauty of natural teeth. In fact, they’re made by the same company that manufactures the state-of-the-art dental products and materials that make TV’s most amazing makeovers possible.

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