Immediate Dentures Victoria BC

Immediate Dentures Victoria BC
An immediate denture is a denture that is placed “immediately” on your gums after your teeth have been extracted. The denture is made by taking an impression of your mouth before your teeth are extracted and estimating the shape and size of your gums…

after extractions. The model’s representation of your teeth are used as a reference for the aesthetic positioning of the teeth on your immediate denture. Since estimates and “best guesses” are the only way to make an immediate denture, it is important to note that the denture is not going to fit perfectly. As your tissues heal and the sockets collapse, your gums will shrink quickly and dramatically which will affect the denture’s fit. This may result in sore spots that will require adjusting. The discrepancy of the fit is compensated for with temporary linings that are placed inside the denture for the duration of the healing process. Also, because the gums are very large at this point, the denture teeth need to be ground very thin to fit them into the correct position. This tends to make them look flat and without depth or dimension, in other words – artificial. In addition, because there is no opportunity for a wax try-in, (see option 3 below) the aesthetics of your smile may also not be exactly as you expected. After your healing is completed (a general rule of thumb is approximately 6 months) and depending on which treatment plan you choose (see below), the dentures will either be salvaged with a rebase, or new dentures will be made on your healed healthy gums. On the bright side however, there are important benefits to immediate dentures. Immediate dentures in Victoria, BC act like a bandage that protects the extraction sites while also maintaining the distance between the upper and lower jaws so that the facial carriage does not collapse during the healing period. Speech is generally not as seriously affected as it would be when you must learn to speak without teeth then learn to speak again with dentures. Of course, the major benefit to the immediate denture, the biggest persuader of all – is that you will not have to be seen in public without your smile. It has also been my experience that if you have an understanding of the limitations inherent within immediate denture process and your expectations are reasonable, it is very likely that you will have a positive experience as you transition from natural teeth to a denture. Furthermore, because of years of experience with immediate dentures I have several
options to make sure the end result of your treatment plan gives you everything you expect. These options are based on case-by-case situations and will depend on how many and which teeth are to be extracted, and whether the extractions are upper or lower teeth.

Option 1
This option does not involve an immediate denture. After your teeth are extracted, the gums are allowed to heal prior to proceeding with the fabrication of your denture. The advantage to waiting for your mouth to completely heal is that your denture will be certain to fit and function correctly. The disadvantage is you will have to go without teeth while your mouth heals. This may not be an acceptable option for many people. 

Option 2

The immediate denture is made with the intent that the denture will be rebased to fit your gums when your gums have completely healed. It is important to know that rebasing only addresses the fit surface of the denture. It does not address deficiencies in the occlusion (bite) or appearance. Depending on the amount of change that occurs during healing, a rebase may not be adequate to properly salvage the immediate denture in Victoria, BCand a new denture may be necessary.

Option 3

This option involves the construction of 2 dentures. The immediate denture would be made in the conventional manner. It would include in its original cost, all the adjustments and temporary linings necessary to address fit and function until your mouth is healed. At this time, a new denture would be made on your healed healthy gums which allows for optimal fit and functionality. A wax version of your denture will also be made prior to the final product which will give you the opportunity to make changes to the shape, size, colour and position of the teeth before the dentures are finished. This option would be the recommended treatment plan if there are numerous teeth to be removed.

Cole is very professional and knew exactly what to do to make me feel comfortable. He took the time to explain everything to me and he always made himself available between appointments which I appreciated.


What I appreciated most about Cole was his careful attention to detail. He crafted the dentures himself and was involved at every stage of the process. His craftsmanship is impressive; I have gorgeous and completely natural looking teeth. I would highly recommend him.


I felt Cole knew exactly what he was doing so it was easy to trust him and his approach. He’s a perfectionist and it took a bit longer than I originally thought but it really paid off. He took the extra time to make sure my bite was absolutely perfect and he gave me back the smile I used to have so it was well worth it.


Immediate Dentures Victoria BC

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