Full Dentures Victoria BC

Full Dentures Victoria BC
At the Westshore Denture Clinic, we use the most modern materials and technology available to make high quality precision dentures that offer a perfect fit and require fewer adjustments. We use a revolutionary injection technology…

SR Ivocap® that is considered the state-of-the art in denture processing. The accuracy of this process results in a denture that
will provide you with the best fit possible while also providing optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing. In addition, these natural lifelike
dentures recreate the character of your smile and provide highly comfortable, natural and highly functional dentures. The SR Ivocap® has a number of
advantages including:

  • Comfort – reduced irriation to the gums
  • Strength – extremely dense material reduces the chance of breakage
  • Cleanliness – non porous surface greatly lessens odor-causing plaque and bacteria
  • Fit – non-irritating and comfortable to wear – no denture adhesive needed
  • Health – eat virtually any food
  • Aesthetics – natural looking so you can smile, speak and laugh with confidence
  • Bio-compatible – will not stain, distort, taste or collect odors or irritating bacteria.
    A full set of dentures usually requires five to six weeks from start to finish and typically patients come in once per week for appointments – although in
    special circumstances longer appointments can be scheduled if the dentures are needed sooner. In order to ensure your high quality dentures have optimal
    fit, occlusion (bite) and functionality, Cole uses a variety of highly
accurate procedures including the utilization of a secondary set of functional impressions and taking a highly detailed mapping of the jaw’s movements.
Throughout this process, Cole works closely with his patients to determine exactly what their new smile will look like. A wax try-in of the dentures is
provided at the second to last appointment to ensure that your smile is exactly as you would like it to be. The wax try-in is a wax model that has your
teeth placed in exactly the same position as they would be in your new denture. This wax try-in can then be placed in your mouth and allows you to see
exactly how your smile will look in your new dentures. Digital photographs are used to assist you in critiquing your smile and friends and/or family members
are encouraged to come to your try-in appointment with you so they can also see your new smile. Any changes can easily be made at this stage so you are
encouraged to take all the time you need or suggest any changes necessary to guarantee that your new smile reflects your unique features and personality.
You are welcome to take the try-in home too and check out your new smile in familiar surroundings. Once you have approved this model, you can be assured
that your new dentures will look exactly as they did in the try-in; they will literally be set in stone.

Cole is very professional and knew exactly what to do to make me feel comfortable. He took the time to explain everything to me and he always made himself available between appointments which I appreciated.


What I appreciated most about Cole was his careful attention to detail. He crafted the dentures himself and was involved at every stage of the process. His craftsmanship is impressive; I have gorgeous and completely natural looking teeth. I would highly recommend him.


I felt Cole knew exactly what he was doing so it was easy to trust him and his approach. He’s a perfectionist and it took a bit longer than I originally thought but it really paid off. He took the extra time to make sure my bite was absolutely perfect and he gave me back the smile I used to have so it was well worth it.


Full Dentures Victoria BC

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